Mobile Marketing: The Most Powerful Medium Ever Invented

Mobile Marketing is the most powerful medium ever invented.

— New York Times

It’s been several years since The New York Times first made this statement, but it’s finally starting to come true.

My company, Advanced Telecom Services (now known as ATS Mobile), has been in the business of mobile marketing since 2006.  Our entrance into the mobile business was a unique one — custom ringtones on your mobile phone.Philadelphia mobile marketing agency

In 2002, I visited the London office of ATS and learned about a new phenomenon in the UK called ringtones.  At the time, the UK was about three years ahead of the USA in terms of mobile use.  We missed that market in the UK, but I vowed that we would not miss it in the US.  Our ringtone sites grew to over 60,000 members per month each paying $9.99 per month to obtain up to ten ringtones and five cell phone wallpapers.

When we sold the ringtone business in 2006 to a publicly traded company in Ottawa, we were left with some excellent knowledge of the mobile business.  We decided to enter the mobile marketing business.

At first, we were a little ahead of our time and most of the programs that we did didn’t garner the type of results that our customers or we  had hoped for.  That all changed in the ensuing years and now most of our mobile marketing programs meet or exceed our expectations.

With 29% of all internet accesses now coming via mobile, it’s absolutely imperative that your business have a website that is mobile friendly.  Today, with responsive design, your business can purchase a new mobile-optimized website and get a brand new desktop website absolutely free.

Then, there’s geo-targeted mobile advertising buys.  With geo-fencing, you can display your mobile advertisements on apps and mobile websites just to a specific geographic location.  For instance, you could target those within a three mile radius of your store.  You can just advertise to students on the college campus.  You could also target truck stops in a three state area.  All things we’ve done this past quarter at ATS Mobile.

I help businesses, brands, advertisers, advertising agencies, and media sell more with mobile marketing.

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