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6/21/21 — Everipedia Listing for Bob Bentz

Bob Bentz is listed on Everipedia and recognized as an author and entrepreneur. 

3/14/18 — WVU Marketing Communications Podcast

What we’ll be discussing today is how a brand or business can take advantage of marketing in the age of mobile.

12/28/17 — Mobile Marketing 2018

Bob Bentz, author of RELEVANCE RAISES RESPONSE: HOW TO ENGAGE AND ACQUIRE WITH MOBILE MARKETING ( gives an overview of mobile marketing in this speech to his students in COMM 4318 — the graduate level course in mobile marketing at the University of Denver.

8/18/17 — Mobile Geo-Targeting for Trade Shows

Given all the high costs of attending a trade show, it’s critical that you attract all the right people to your booth. That’s where geo-targeting comes in.

2/15/17 — Keeping Students Up to Date by Publishing Textbook

In 2014 he was teaching Mobile Marketing and started writing supplemental materials for the course as mobile marketing is a constantly evolving field. By the end of the quarter, he had over 100 pages written.  Bob realized he had 1/3 of a textbook done and wanted to complete it.

7/8/16 — Types of Mobile Display Advertising

High-profile advertisers prefer rich media mobile ads because they create an exciting and engaging user experience that conveys the advertiser’s message with greater recall.

6/10/16 — Mobile Video

With the advent of large data packages and prolific Wi-Fi, consumers are watching video regardless of whether they are in their home, at the office, or on the go.

4/27/16 — Smart Business

Never before has a medium offered better laser-focused targeting than mobile and digital does when it comes to finding your best customer, at the best time, when they are most likely to buy.

3/23/16 — Crafting a Great Marketing Text Message

The cellphone you own today is your digital DNA.

8/11/15 — Smart Pizza Marketing PODCAST INTERVIEW

In this episode with Bob Bentz, we go over what else to consider when it comes to mobile marketing and many other ways it can help grow your business.

7/18/15 — There is no Prime Time Anymore

A mobile advertisement at 9 AM is worth the same as a mobile advertisement at 9 PM.  You’ve reached essentially the same number of people and you’ve received similar engagement and acquisition.

6/15/15 — Why Facebook is the Best Advertising Medium of All Time

When it comes to time spent with media, mobile gets 24% of the market, yet only 8% of the overall ad spend!

3/15/15 — Sales: Is the Cold Call Dead?

All I know is that it’s not what your batting average is, it’s how many hits you get.

1/10/15 — FREE ADVERTISING No More

What the dark post offers your business is the ability to do A-B testing. You can test various pictures and copy and make sure you are using the best advertisements to the most highly targeted audience.

11/17/14 — Top Secret: Learn What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook compiles its information from a variety of sources and it’s not as simple as what you’ve LIKED on Facebook or the content you’ve posted.

10/28/14 — 5 Amazing Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising Campaigns

The Glory Days of advertising are here now. And, they are here now because of mobile and its unique ability to provide geo-targeted mobile advertising.

10/20/14 —

With responsive design and adaptive design, you can simply create one website and it will render properly on the smartphone, feature phone, tablet, or desktop.

8/19/14 — Text Messaging and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

CASL provides one of the strictest anti-spam regulations in the world and it’s clearly designed to drive spammers out of Canada.

6/6/14 — National Apartment Association

We’ve Uncovered The Mobile Search Solution. You’ll Never Believe What It Is

3/19/14 —

Playing Baseball: The Cuban Way

1/16/14 — iMedia Connection

My 59 Top Text Message Marketing Tips

12/29/13 —

Abused, Shot, Neglected: The Story of Pilgrim

12/04/13 — iMedia  Connection

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising Bargains

10/22/13 — Pizza Marketplace

What to Consider with Mobile Ad Purchasing

6/21/13 — iMedia Connection

MOBILE ADVERTISING: It Doesn’t Have to be Witchcraft

12/24/12 — iMedia Connection

Verizon Announces End of 900 Number Billing

11/26/12 — Quick Serve Restaurants

76 percent of restaurants searches are done while on the go and 51 percent of them are searching while in their cars.

11/8/12 —  Site Pro News

Your Business: It’s Not a Pretty Site

10/12/12 — Getting Your Website to the Top of Mobile Search

Studies show that the mobile searcher is actually closer to making a buying decision than the desktop searcher.

10/2/12 — Business 2 Community

Mobile Websites: Your Message On The Move

4/16/12 — iMedia Connection

Ben Franklin Loves Beer

12/23/11 — Mobile Marketing Profits

Santa Claus Needs Mobile Marketing

12/16/11 — iMedia Connection

All I Want for Christmas is a QR Code

10/21/11 — PR Web

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of a Retail QR Code

8/1/11 — Radio Ink

Text Messaging: The Stunning Statistics

6/23/11 — The Radio Muse

Radio Cashes in on Love

1/25/10 — Telemedia 360

When it comes to disaster relief for earthquake victims in Haiti, Americans are phoning it in at a record pace.

11/17/09 — Marketing Profs

Mobile Coupons: Your Message on the Move

10/14/09 — iMedia Connection

A Starter Guide to Mobile Coupons

7/6/09 — Adotas

Michael Jackson and Text Messaging

5/18/09 — Adotas

Mobile Marketing is Opt-In Marketing

7/14/08 — Adotas

Can SMS Get McCain Elected?