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Most recent articles

Mobile Marketing: The Most Powerful Medium Ever Invented

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Portfolio

Mobile Marketing is the most powerful medium ever invented. — New York Times It’s been several years since The New York Times first made this statement, but it’s finally starting to come true. My company, Advanced Telecom Services (now known as ATS Mobile), has been in the business of mobile marketing since 2006.  Our entrance into the mobile business was a unique one — custom ringtones on your mobile phone. In 2002, I visited the London office of ATS and learned about a new phenomenon in the UK called ringtones.  At the time, the UK was about three years ahead of the USA in terms of mobile use.  We...

Mobile Marketing Consultant

Posted by on Dec 29, 2013 in Portfolio

Available for Interviews and Speaking Engagements Bob Bentz is an experienced business owner that is available for interviews and speaking engagements in the field of mobile marketing and IVR. Bentz has over 30 years experience in media, advertising, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and SEO. The purpose of his efforts are to gain exposure for ATS Mobile and link building. Please contact Bob Bentz if you need an expert interview or quote for an upcoming...

Online Interviews and Quotes from Bob Bentz

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Interviews

  ***CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO READ THE ARTICLE***   Published online articles that have featured quotes from Bob Bentz.  I am happy to provide interviews to bloggers and online publishers; all I ask for in return is a simple link back to our site. 10/18/17 — Best SEO Tips from 2017 Voice search on Siri, Amazon Echo, and similar tools are changing the game and longer tail keywords will become more popular. 8/15/17 — Expert Tips on Text Message Marketing “When doing B2B SMS marketing, send your text messages five minutes before the top of the hour. Why? That’s when busy executives are preparing for their next meeting...

My Race Horses

Posted by on Dec 14, 2013 in Horses

  Getting involved in horse racing is not very expensive and it’s a chance to be involved in professional sports.  It’s a lot of fun.                     Big Man Rocket on Equibase.                     Lawyer Dave on Equibase.   Heaven’s Saint on Equibase.   Queen Concerto on Equibase   Impulse Buyer on...

Why I Started

Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in Portfolio

For many years now, I have owned the domain  Until now, it has simply forwarded to my Linked In page. I purchased the domain just to protect it from somebody else, but I never put an actual site up on it until now.  The reason being is that I was concerned that it would appear to be conceited to have a personal website, although I do know many people in the internet marketing business do have one. One of the side benefits of this site is that a non-technical person like myself can experiment with doing some technical web work, even if it is just a WordPress template. ...