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Bob Bentz is a mobile marketing consultant available for interviews for your website or blog.  Here are links to a few of those interviews.

Online Interviews and Quotes from Bob Bentz

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Online Interviews and Quotes from Bob Bentz

***CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO READ THE ARTICLE*** Published online articles that have featured quotes from Bob Bentz.  I am happy to provide interviews to bloggers and online publishers; all I ask for in return is a simple link back to our site. 12/2/22 — What is the Best Brand Marketing in 2022 Recently, with the demise of cookies and other privacy concerns, the ability to target consumers that would be most likely to purchase your product have come under increased opposition, especially in the markets of finance, employment, and real estate. 9/21/22 — 1-900-20K-HRTZ In the late 80s...

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