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Bob Bentz is a mobile marketing consultant available for interviews for your website or blog.  Here are links to a few of those interviews.

Online Interviews and Quotes from Bob Bentz

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Online Interviews and Quotes from Bob Bentz

***CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO READ THE ARTICLE*** Published online articles that have featured quotes from Bob Bentz.  I am happy to provide interviews to bloggers and online publishers; all I ask for in return is a simple link back to our site. 8/30/19 — 13 Worst Interview Answers One candidate bragged that she “loved being on unemployment” because “you get paid to do nothing.” 7/3/19 — 50 Marketers Share Their Best Local Business Marketing Tips When else do you hear about customers ASKING to receive your advertising? 5/22/19 — 97 Super Effective Sales Tips It’s a simple law...

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